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Gained and Lost

© Dennett — Sophie (black) and Syau (blonde)

March Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Pet People”

Our dog Chanelito was 15. His health was declining. We wanted to have another dog in place before Chanelito left us. We wanted an older dog, one that wouldn’t outlive us.

Instead of one, we found two.

Sophie and Syau spent their lives together in one household. Their owners were going to a retirement home and were desperately looking for a home that would take both of their 10-year-old dogs. We provided that home.

Life was good for a year. Then, Sophie got sick. Then, sicker. Cancer.

Eighteen months after adopting her, Sophie left us.

Syau was lost without her sister. She looked everywhere for Sophie and voiced her distress with a low, sad whine, especially at night.

Anxious to find a way to console Syau, I showed her Sophie’s collar. She sniffed it from one end to the other and back. I don’t know what scent she found but it seemed to tell her Sophie wasn’t coming back. Immediately, Syau stopped looking for her sister. Her mournful cries ceased.

Syau settled into being the only dog.

I wonder if she remembers Sophie, ever thinks about her.

I know we do. Often.

In response to the March prompt, Pet People:

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