Gained and Lost

Our dog Chanelito was 15. His health was declining. We wanted to have another dog in place before Chanelito left us. We wanted an older dog, one that wouldn’t outlive us. Sophie and Syau spent their…


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Third Party Testing

Third-Party testing refers to the process of a neutral, impartial test performed by an external organization who is not directly involved in the manufacturing or production of a product or service.

The Third Party Testing is essential for both, manufacturers and consumers. This type of testing ensures that products or services are safe and comply with industry standards, quality and safety regulations. Having a third-party certificate provides manufacturers with a guarantee that their products meet the required standards. Consumers can trust the products that they purchase, knowing that they have been scrutinized by an outside, independent entity.

An independent laboratory carries out the third-party testing process. The laboratory tests to verify that the product meets quality standards and product requirements. The laboratory provides a detailed report to the manufacturer, which includes the laboratory’s finding and the results of tests performed.

In conclusion, third-party testing is essential for manufacturers who want to create a reputable and trustworthy brand. It ensures that products meet industry standards for safety and quality. Consumers benefit from third-party testing, as it assures that they purchase safe and high-quality products. Therefore, Third-Party Testing will continue to grow as an essential component to build and maintain trust between businesses and consumers.

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